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About CapEast Non-Competitive Program

Recreational program



CapEast encourages "like-minded" players - i.e., those who place a high priority on becoming better soccer players, to register for this program.

Academy TEAM(S) will be formed to play in the MAYSA League at the REC A (or appropriate) level.  Players will practice 2x per week, under the direction of a professional coach. 

There are no tryouts for the Academy Teams.



CapEast U9 - U14 Recreational TEAMS 

CESC Recreational teams start at the U9 age group and play teams from other clubs in MAYSA(*see below) in the MAYSA league, typically in Tier 3 or Tier 4.  The MAYSA league travel is greater than for CESC Inhouse league. Extent of travel depends on divisions, which are created each season by MAYSA. Priority is given to less travel when possible, although like-competition is also considered when creating divisions.

(Boys/Coed Recreational teams have mostly boys participating but girls are always welcome. Boys are not permitted on Girls-only teams.)

CapEast Recreational teams will practice one or two times per week and play the majority of games on the weekend. They may or may not participate in tournaments. Their games are officiated by certified, paid referees. Coaches are volunteers, trained and supported by CapEast.

At U9 and U10, playing MAYSA league is a first opportunity to travel to play on new fields against new and sometimes tough opponents. At these younger age groups, CapEast teams often have players who are discovering a love of the game. They may choose to develop skills at CapEast (and other) camps and clinics, and may play with their team plus ‘club pass’ to higher level CapEast teams to test new abilities. If a player would like to play at a higher level, CapEast 'Rec' can be a place to start to work on moving up to a competitive team.

Especially at the older levels, CapEast ‘Rec’ becomes a place for kids to play who may have different sports or other activities besides soccer, who want to continue to play for fun, exercise, and friendship, all for a lower cost than a competitive team. Many kids play socially with school and neighborhood friends for many years.

*Q- What is MAYSA? The Madison Area Youth Soccer Association is the umbrella organization for all soccer clubs in the ‘MAYSA’ district of the state. MAYSA has 40 affiliated clubs in 7 counties, and is the competition authority for the MAYSA league. Read more about MAYSA here.