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December 20, 2020

Dear Capital East Soccer Club Families,

My name is Dave Clem and I am your current Club President and a parent of 2 players in Cap East.  My family started with Capital City United Soccer Club prior to its merger, along with Madison East Soccer Club, into what is now known as Capital East Soccer Club in 2012, and my family have been Cap East supporters ever since.  I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself and touch base with everyone in an attempt to summarize the impact that the events of 2020 has had on youth soccer including Cap East, and relay what Cap East has been doing to continue to move forward as a club during these unprecedented times.

As the COVID-19 global pandemic was in its early stages in the United States back in the spring, Cap East and our governing organizations, WYSA (Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association) and MAYSA (Madison Area Youth Soccer Association), had to make the difficult and unprecedented decision to cancel the spring soccer season. This was a decision that was not taken lightly as we all understood that it would impact not only the players and their families, but the community as a whole.  

Many players missed out on their final season with their team that they had been playing with for years. I know this all too well, as my oldest son’s Cap East 14U Maroon team had progressed all the way to the WYSA State League in the fall of 2019, winning their division that season, and were poised to move up a division and take on further competition across the State of Wisconsin this spring, just to have it all disappear with the cancellation of the spring season.  

My son’s team had played together for many years and this spring was their last season together as their current roster, since most of them would now be moving on to high school this fall at LaFollette and East respectively. It was not only a sad moment for our players, but also the parents who would no longer get to see each other on the sidelines cheering for the team they had transported all over the state.

Through all of these challenges, the Cap East Board of Directors along with the club’s Director of Operations, Eric Bertun, and in conjunction with our coaches, have looked for ways to adapt and offer fun and safe soccer programming, all while maintaining our emphasis on affordability for our club’s families.  With spikes up and down in COVID infection rates and the resulting public health orders that follow, needless to say this has not been an easy thing to do. Inevitably one set of plans is made and then ends up having to be modified because of the rapidly changing environment.

This fall, Cap East was able to offer several youth soccer programs, all of which had a focus on promoting COVID “best practices”, such as maintaining “social distancing”, wearing facemasks, and use of hand sanitizer. We offered Saturday soccer for our 7U / 8U aged players, including a practice session with Forward Madison FC players at Breese Stevens Field.  

We also offered structured practice sessions facilitated by our paid coaches for many of our age group teams between ages 11U up to 15U.  We even created a special structured practice session for our high school aged players that usually would have been playing with their respective high schools, but did not have the opportunity to do so this fall.  All in all, this fall at Cap East we turned a difficult situation into a positive and safe experience for our club players.

Traditionally as we head into the winter months, Cap East would be providing opportunities and encouraging all of our teams to participate in futsal and indoor soccer leagues, clinics and other organized indoor activities designed to maintain and advance our players’ skills during the winter months. Unfortunately, until further notice, no games, in-person trainings/clinics or other indoor activities will be able to occur.  (Please Note: Order #11 from PHMDC, issued on December 15, does not in any way change the Cap East recommendations pertaining to no indoor play this winter.)

With this in mind, Cap East is excited to announce our “Kick COVID” personal training videos and skills activities initiative for our club members to do on their own throughout the winter.  Cap East will post a soccer skills video once a week to our social media sites, presenting skills for players to work on. Participating players can then have their parents/guardians attest to the player having worked on the skills.  

Club players that participate in the Kick COVID trainings will not only improve their personal soccer skills during our “off season”, but can also earn prizes of various degrees depending on their level of participation! If you have not already done so, please like Cap East on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming announcements about Kick COVID!

What I have always loved most about Cap East since our beginnings is that we are truly a COMMUNITY soccer club.  I’m also proud of the fact that Cap East has always had a focus on offering quality youth soccer for players of all abilities, while at the same time emphasizing the need to keep programming affordable for our families.  All of our club members are what make our club the COMMUNITY that it is, so I would like to challenge you all to take some form of active role in the club!


Here’s some ideas of ways that you can get active in the club’s mission to offer quality youth soccer, all while helping the club keep costs affordable:

  • Donate a skill to the club!  For example, volunteer to help us with Social Media, marketing, creating fliers, etc.

  • Volunteer your time! For example, be a Team Manager to help a team’s coach with organizing parents and players or even organizing the post-game snack.

  • Make a financial donation to the club! Donations allow the club to help keep costs down for everyone, but most importantly the donations allow the club to assist players who would not otherwise be able to play without scholarship assistance.

  • Do you own a business or work for a business that would like to become a sponsor of Cap East?  We are always looking for new sponsorship opportunities from businesses that are looking to help provide donations to youth sports!

  • Do you shop on Amazon? Did you know that you can set up your account to use “Amazon Smile” for each purchase you make and Amazon will donate money to Cap East?  The best part of it is that it doesn’t even cost you anything extra!  All you have to do is set up your account to use Amazon Smile and choose “Capital City United Soccer Club”. (Yes, we know the name doesn’t match Cap East, but it has to do with the IRS....It’s a long story.)

  • Wear Cap East merchandise! Don’t forget to buy Cap East winter hats and scarves (email to arrange contactless purchase with porch pick up/drop off options), as well as, other gear like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc., throughout the year during the times our “supporter merchandise” storefront is open.

    All of these things are very important parts of Cap East’s mission to offer affordable quality youth soccer, all while promoting a fun soccer community!

    Like all of you, I look forward to a return to “normal” life and the ability of our Cap East players to safely play “the beautiful game”. Until then, Cap East and I hope everyone stays safe and healthy and we look forward to a better 2021!

    Dave Clem
    Capital East Soccer Club President


Dear Capital East Soccer Club Families, 

Traditionally this time of year, we would be providing opportunities and encouraging all of our teams to participate in futsal and indoor soccer leagues, clinics and other organized indoor activities designed to maintain and advance our players’ skills during the winter months.  Unfortunately, we are not currently in "normal" times.

The recent spike in COVID-19 infection rates statewide, as well as, the anticipated continuing trend upward, makes it clear that it may be a while before times are back to “normal.”

The Club does not anticipate that there will be many opportunities available for organized indoor play of any kind, particularly here in Dane County.  However, the Club expects that the warnings and advice of health experts will continue to be ignored by some this winter, which may lead to opportunities for indoor play for those who are interested and willing.  

The Club cannot make anyone's choice for them and will take no actions against any player or family choosing otherwise, however, the Club will not be supporting any indoor play this winter.

To ensure that no player or their family will feel explicit or implicit pressure to participate in winter activities of any kind which they do not feel are safe, the Capital East Soccer Club, upon advice from its Board of Directors, has declared that it will not support, recommend, sponsor or sanction any indoor team play, training or related indoor team activities this winter season. 

The Club is hopeful that players in this offseason will find ways to safely stay fit and maintain their skills on their own. 

Until further notice, no games, in-person trainings/clinics or other indoor activities shall be organized by any Club coaches, managers, or members in their capacity as such.  

Any suggestion, by any person, that participation in any such activities is required or encouraged by the Club, or that failure to participate will in any way impact a player's standing on a team within the Club, should be brought to the attention of: 

Director of Operations, Eric Bertun 


Club President, Dave Clem

Like all of you, we hope for a speedy and safe return to normal life and the ability to play “the beautiful game.”  Until then, we hope everyone stays safe and healthy!


From the August 13 MAYSA  Zoom involving all area clubs:

"[T]he culmination of our Club Leaders meeting on August 13 was a consensus-driven decision to wait until August 24 to see if Public Health Madison & Dane County (PHMDC) loosen restrictions to allow for league play.  If not, throughout MAYSA we will focus solely on in-team/in-club training..."


Will we have a fall 2020 season - games and practices?

That is still to be determined.  In Dane County we are restricted to practices only – no games.  Within the practice environment, physical distancing must be maintained at all times.

The situation revolving around the coronavirus pandemic is ever-changing.  The reality is that there is just too much uncertainty to make projections too far in advance, since conditions involving the health and safety of all are subject to change at any given time.

We will continue to be guided by Public Health Madison & Dane County and our soccer governing bodies:  US Soccer, WYSA and MAYSA. 

When will practices start?

Subject to the guidance and directives we receive from the bodies listed above, we are tentatively planning to allow teams to start practicing the week of August 17.  Please note that some teams may start practicing at later dates.  Individual team information will be sent via email the week of August 10

- - - - - -

Thank you for your support of the Capital East Soccer Club.


[Excerpt below pertains to Dane County] 

"Games and competitions are not allowed between teams for medium (includes soccer) and high-risk sports. Games and competitions within teams are allowed for medium and high-risk sports if the games and competitions are modified to ensure physical distancing is maintained at all times.  

"With regard to the Fall 2020 season  MAYSA will continue with the league alignment & formation process but will delay the scheduling until, at the earliest, the week of August 24.  US Soccer and local Health Departments must allow us to progress to league-type competition before we can move ahead with league matches."


We are registering non-competitive players to fill rosters in the following age groups:

U7/U8 Boys & Girls (2013 & 2012 birth years) 

U9/U10 Girls   (2011 & 2010 birth years)

U11/U12 Boys   (2009 & 2008 birth years)

U13/U14 Boys & Girls   (2007 & 2006 birth years)


July 7 - no CapEast in-person tryouts during week of July 13

CapEast supports girls and boys COMPETITIVE teams ages U11 (2010 birth year) through  U14 (2007 birth year).   Also, players with a 2006 birth year who are entering 8th grade in the Fall are eligible to play U14.

The info above usually applies to players entering grades 5-8 in the fall.

If you are interested in a CapEast COMPETITIVE team, please email  or  call/text 608-571-3792 for more information on what options are currently available.

- - - - - - - - -

The info below usually applies to players entering grades K-8 in the fall.

CapEast supports girls, boys and co-ed NON-COMPETITIVE teams for U6 (2015 birth year) though through  U14 (2007 birth year).   Also, players with a 2006 birth year who are entering 8th grade in the Fall are eligible to play U14.

This includes our U9/U10 (2012/2011 birth years) Academy teams - usually players entering grades 3-4 in the fall.   

There are NO tryouts for Academy team placement, just a desire to play with and against like-minded players who seek to improve skills under the direction of very experienced youth coaches.

If you are interested in placement on a NON-COMPETITIVE team, please email  or  call/text 608-571-3792 for more information on how to register.

- - - - - - - - -

Thank you for your interest in the Capital East Soccer Club!

Spring 2020 MAYSA season has been cancelled

From WYSA & MAYSA (April 30):

"We hope once again, this finds you safe and well. Since our March 12 suspension of activities, WYSA has carefully monitored expert guidance from numerous, relevant organizations and maintained the health and safety of members as our highest priority. We remained optimistic about an imminent return to play date (RTP), even as the Safer at Home orders were imposed. Unfortunately, as details of the Badger Bounce Back Plan were released and we obtained advice of medical professionals on WYSA Return to Play Guidelines, it became apparent that we could not reasonably pursue the June 1 RTP we had hoped for.  It is with the heaviest of hearts we move in this direction, but also with confidence that we have made an appropriate decision emphasizing member safety."

The CapEast Board will be meeting next week to consider all options in light of this announcement. Thanks for your support.

The Importance of Attending Tryouts

CapEast is interested in serious soccer players who are dedicated to soccer and committed to continue building excellence on the East Side. Tryouts are held once a year for the seasonal club year beginning September 2019, and ending June 2020.

Players must tryout for their appropriate age groups, unless prior approval has been given by Domenick Genova - CapEast Director of Coaching. Team coaches are assigned by the Director of Coaching. Additional coaches will serve as evaluators to assist the team coaches in selecting the top players in order to create the best possible teams.

The final team formation will be approved by the Director of Coaching.

Individuals selected to a CapEast team will be notified by email according to MAYSA’s age appropriate offer notification date.


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Gina Richardson

Gina Richardson

Club Registrar

Phone: 608-571-3792

Eric Bertun

Eric Bertun

General Manager

Phone: 6O8-225-8662